Inès Longevial is a French painter and illustrator based in Paris. Originally from the South West of the country, her Spanish influence is also key to understand her work with masters like Pablo Picasso or Pedro Almodovar undeniably in the back her head. Currently 26 years old, Inès has been drawing and painting for how long as she can remember and went to an applied Arts high school before attending.

Her oil painting, both tender and strong, focuses on two main themes: anatomy and nature. Body parts, human figure, tone of skin, her art conveys a renewed and sensual body image where women can be round and their skin of different colors. Her childhood, “little house in the country like” as she says, still nourishes her work with flowers and various colorful tones making their way into the canvas.

Along side working with brands like Nike, Levi’s or Stance , Inès currently is working on a solo show in Los Angeles and soon in Paris.